Bicycle Repair Pricing

Since each bicycle is unique, the pricing for each repair depends on the amount of work required.

If you are unsure about the cost of a repair, please contact us. Any estimate that we quote may be subject to change, depending on whether or not one of our mechanics has viewed the bicycle and depending on the current prices for parts.

Please note that the prices below are only guidelines, and do not include parts.
Written Estimates
written quote a 30-minute examination of frame, drivetrain, wheels $50
General Tune-Ups
basic tune-up checking handlebars, pedals, seatpost for loose bolts, regreasing as appropriate, lubricating chain and cables $50
comprehensive tune-up everything as above, plus checking drivetrain, brakes, and wheel alignment $100
headset overhaul examining, cleaning, repacking, regreasing $50
headset installation $30 to $45
quill stem installation $30
threadless stem installation $20
flat or riser handlebars installation $30
drop handlebars installation $60
taping applying handlebar tape $30
bottom bracket installation $40 to $50
chainrings installation $50
chain installation $20
derailleurs (front or rear) installation with indexing $50 to $60
derailleur cables installation, greasing $50
hub overhaul examining, cleaning, repacking, regreasing $60 to $90 per hub
quick-release overhaul examining, cleaning, regreasing $30
freewheel/cassette installation $50
truing checking lateral and radial true, checking dish, adjusting spoke tension as appropriate $30 to $50 per wheel
tires with tubes installation $15 per tire
tubeless tires installation $40 per tire
wheels installation on bicycle frame $25 to $35 per wheel
wheel building building wheel from scratch $100 to $200 per wheel
rim brakes examining, adjusting $30 per wheel
V-brakes examining, adjusting $30 per wheel
cable pull examining, adjusting $50 per wheel
disc brakes installation $40 to $60 per wheel
saddle installation $20
kickstand installation $20
chainguard installation $30 to $50
fenders installation $40 to $60
basket installation $20 to $30
rack installation $30
All prices are subject to 13% HST, and are subject to change without notice.
For certain repairs, we recommend that you go to Urbane Cyclist for service.

Bicycle Mechanic Lessons

For those who want to learn how to repair their own bicycles, we offer private bicycle mechanic lessons.

You bring your own bicycle and tools, and we will give you complete hands-on training.

For those who do not know what tools to purchase, we offer advice and recommendations about what tools you will need to do specific repairs.

Pricing for Private Lessons
1 hour $150
Prices for lessons include 13% HST.


Removing Seized Parts

If a bicycle part is seized, we will try our best to remove it, but we cannot guarantee success.

The labour for removing seized parts is $90 per hour.


Your health and the safety of our staff are very important to us, so please do not bring anyone else or pets to your appointments.

If you want to reschedule an appointment, please give us 24 h notice; otherwise, a $50 missed appointment fee is due.


We accept cash and cheques only, and we issue receipts for all transactions.

All prices are subject to 13% HST.