Cycling Links

If you are looking for more information on cycling groups, trails, and specific bicycle info, here are some useful links.

Cycling Advocacy Groups

Cycle Toronto cycling group that advocates for more pedestrian and cycling safety on roads and more cycling infrastructure

York Region Cycling Coalition advocacy group for more cycling safety on roads in York Region, as well as links to cycling clubs

Cycling Trails in the Greater Toronto Area

York Region maps with cycling routes throughout York Region

Toronto cycling routes and trails throughout Toronto

Greenbelt scenic cycling routes throughout the Greenbelt from Niagara to Northumberland

Ontario information on cycling trails and cycling events throughout Ontario

Specific Bicycle Info

Urbane Cyclist a bicycle co-operative store located in Toronto that specializes in bicycles for commuters, couriers, young parents, among other things

Sheldon Brown US website with a wealth of information on bicycles from vintage to commonplace