Heat Loss Calculations

The carbon footprint of almost all buildings is enormous and this, of course, translates into very large heating and cooling loads.

In order to reduce these loads, the energy efficiency of a building has to be considered. For those who are concerned about the energy consumption of their building, or are thinking of renovating, we offer complete heat loss calculations.

Before undertaking any energy retrofit, you need to know the heat loss values for your current building materials and floorplan.

We provide complete heat loss calculations for your current building, and can produce calculations for various energy efficient upgrades before you begin any renovation.

This approach is, not only more efficient, but also more economical because you know what retrofits will give you the best results for the money spent.

To do any heat loss calculation, we require a floorplan with measurements of all rooms, as well as a clear and detailed explanation of the building materials used in your current building.

Since each building is unique in its design and structure, the cost of the heat loss calculations is determined by the complexity of your specific set-up.

We offer quotes upon request.